Which Finger to Give Bay Street Lawyers?




Website launched

03/02/2013 00:00
    Our new website has been launched February 3rd,...

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03/02/2013 00:00
The  FINGERCAMPAIGN  has evolved from a simple blog to a fully operational WEBSITE....

The Fingercampaign:     Out of the ashes, WE RISE LIKE A PHOENIX.

Howard Borlack tried to damascene,

his fingerprinting program with a fake security theme;

but he failed miserably, in his scheme.

He then farded his fingerprinting policy,

with a sharp lie and further mendacity;

to the People, you and me, vis-a-vis, the CBC.

The result of which we shall see.

But the secretaries and copy-room staff still keep hope;

we could and should join COPE :  copeontario.ca/mccague-borlack/


The FINGERCAMPAIGN opposes the fingerprinting of secretaries and copy-room staff at the law firm of McCAGUE BORLACK LLP.  We employ only legal and peaceful means in our opposition to Howard Borlack's fingerprinting policy.

               McCague Borlack LLP is the only law firm in Ontario, Canada that demands the fingerprint of their secretaries and copyroom staff, so as to track our whereabouts.  All other staff at this law firm, i.e law clerks, paralegals, "adminstrative managment " and ALL the lawyers, are exempt!  What does this policy say about this law firm?

Visit the COPE Union web-page dealing specifically with this matter: copeontario.ca/mccague-borlack/


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              This independent poll appeared in Metro TORONTO newspaper on November 7th, 2012, and proves that the people are on our side.  The fingercampaign has no connection or affiliataion whatsoever with this newspaper or the poll which they conducted: